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How to onboard external sales partners

People who don’t work for you can seem far away and hard to reach. They don’t have to be! 

If your brand has an external customer-facing team (most commonly the salespeople at a retailer), you have people representing you and meeting your end consumer every day. Frontline people that don’t work directly for you. 

So how do you introduce them to your brand’s culture, values, DNA, products? 

Shortcut to external onboarding

You need a shortcut. 

And that’s where MevoApp can set up the perfect infrastructure.

If a key account retailer hires a new employee, you would want your brand to be top of mind on their first day. You want your products to be the ones they feel confident about presenting to a customer. That’s why you need to:

  1. Reach them directly on their personal smartphones.
  2. Connect with fun trivia and useful information to boost brand awareness and knowledge.
  3. Make your brand super accessible by offering a direct line to your HQ.

MevoApp sets you up for succeeding at all three.

Basic onboarding content package

I know what you’re thinking: “This sounds like a lot of work”?  

But really, it’s not!

Basically, you create a basic intro package to your brand that you would like any new external sales associate to know. This package should contain fun and easy quizzes about your brand and products. 

You probably have some cool videos? Put them in there! Throw in a few questions about the origin and values of your brand and voilà – you’re already doing better than most of the other brands on the retailer’s shelves. 

Here’s a brief intro to 10 fast and easy quizzes to get you started!

Once you have your content ready, you can re-use it again and again (including product updates and news whenever you need to). Annual turnover in retail is at around 60 percent, so the number of people on your to-reach-list should be pretty high.

Make your brand’s mini onboarding of external partners into something fun and entertaining. That’s how you stay top of mind at your frontline.

How to reach external salespeople?

In order for your fine-looking content to reach the right person, you do need to have some groundwork laid down. That means having a good connection to your key accounts and making sure they know it’s a good idea to keep their employees educated and motivated. Hard to argue, right?

Most retailers welcome brand initiatives to help store staff stay confident and knowledgeable. That should be a given, and it’s your job as a brand representative to make sure your key accounts see the value and provide the information you need to reach the right people with some brief log-on details. 

I only see benefits from using this app. Excellent product knowledge is essential, and most importantly: The customers expect it.

Jørgen Vinningland, retail category manager (link to full case story)

It always sweetens the deal to make sure the retailers know that this initiative won’t steal time from the store staff’s important job of actually selling. On the contrary, the small bite-sized pieces of information can be consumed whenever they have a minute. 

Of course, when your external salespeople are done with the essential onboarding, you should give them some kind of prize

Then they will be super motivated to start playing in your next sales contest as well ;).

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