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Succeed with bite-sized micro-learning

When it comes to training, a little goes a long way.

Training programs, certifications, e-learning – we think we are right to assume that these concepts don’t exactly make you jump for joy and scream for more.

But what about snacks? Everyone likes snacks! That’s why it’s a good idea to present your learning in tempting, snackable portions: It’s called micro-learning!

Improve knowledge retention

We all know that many small portions of food are healthier than a few large meals, right? Well, the same goes for learning. Granted, it doesn’t have the same effect on your waistline, but the comparison is still valid: Research shows that learning through small, bite-sized chunks improves retention and is more effective than plowing through a lot of learning at once. 

A range of scientific research reports microlearning to be more or less 20% more effective for knowledge retention than traditional classroom learning.

Perfectly portioned and very tempting snacks- just like your training should be! That's micro-learning!
Perfectly portioned and very tempting – just like your training should be!

Small doses of key knowledge

The idea behind microlearning is that you portion out pieces of important information and present it to your audience as a snack they can enjoy at their convenience. With today’s technology, people no longer need to (or want to!) sit down in a classroom and follow hour-long lectures to learn something new. The way to share knowledge is to distribute it in small, but frequent, doses of information that people can digest when they are ready to take it in.

The people you are trying to reach with corporate training, product training, and other, traditionally boring (hey, let’s just agree that’s the case, ok?) e-learning material have a lot on their plates. You don’t want to be a boring pile of potatoes. Be a fun snack! 

Advantages of micro-learning include:

  • Easy access and exciting content engage a wide range of people.
  • Learning in small, bite-sized chunks improves learning retention.
  • Cost- and time-effective for both teacher and student.

Our best tips for effective micro-learning:

  • Pinpoint your key knowledge and focus on a few important points.
  • Include short videos, images and GIFs to spice up your content.
  • Use gamification to increase engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Everyone loves a good quiz! Have fun creating some entertaining multiple-choice alternatives. 
  • Remember: It doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective. A sense of achievement and success makes the learner come back for more. 

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