Not just a retail tool, my friend.

Boost motivation among your own: How to use mevo in-house with your sales representatives!

Brands often use Mevo to motivate and inform frontline retail salespeople. But there’s another frontline that can have just as much use of the tool. Your own in-house team!

With the Mevo app you can:

  • Organize in-house challenges.
  • Streamline communication.
  • Track sales in real time.
  • Boost motivation and engage more people.

Once you have the Mevo app in your brand’s toolbox, there is a range of different uses for it. Yes, a campaign with a retailer is one. But why stop there? Or hey, why start there?

Many brands choose to run their first Mevo campaign among their own people. It’s a great way to try out the tool and make your own team understand how it works.

In addition to this, your brand’s sales reps are often the ones who will deal with the retailers using Mevo. So having them know the app is a great advantage.

Motivate and educate

Running an in-house Mevo campaign with your field sales team is a great idea! They log in and register their sales (or other relevant activity) and answer quizzes about the brand, ongoing campaigns, basically stuff you want them to know. Their app activity will reward them with points, and they can see their names climb the scoreboard.

Appealing to your sales reps competitive spirits can have a huge impact on their motivation and their results. As an administrator, you can track your team, send out messages and make sure they stay up-to-date on current affairs.

Other ways to use the Mevo app within your own brand/organization:

  • Organize activities for kickoffs and other in-house company happenings.
  • Invite clients in for an event, like a golf tournament or a product launch.
  • Organize your pool of influencers. Or other interest groups.
Organized golf tournament with clients. Bucket with golf balls on green grass.
Photo by Savannah Lakes Village on Unsplash

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