Making Your Brand Stand Out In A Crowd

Reaching your own staff is easy. Reaching the big web of external retailers is not.

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The key to good branding is sharing knowledge with your frontline people. The people who actually meet your end customer. The sales reps.

Anyone who ever sold anything knows that you need to be confident and know the stuff you’re selling to be a top performer. You also know that you sell out of habit. You sell what you know. The product that is top of mind. The one you sell every day, every week. Because it’s easy.

As a salesperson you cannot be an expert on every brand. But you can be an expert at selling. And you are at your best when you are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the products you sell.

As a brand trying to break through to these salespeople at multi brand stores, you need to provide the tools they need to sell your products well. The key words being motivation and education. You can change old habits for ever with the right message and the right incentives.

But first, you have to reach them. Being the recommended brand against all other options often comes down to how well sales reps know, love and promote your products.

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That’s what the Mevo app does: We provide the channel for brands to connect directly to the people selling your products. Through our app.

Once this channel is open, you must use it wisely:

  • Tell them the story about your company.
  • Let them know interesting details about your products.
  • Tell them all the neat features.
  • Show them cool pictures of your newest products.

That’s how you create true brand ambassadors.

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2 thoughts on “Making Your Brand Stand Out In A Crowd”

  1. I always have felt that the salespeople need to more knowledgeable about the brand. Also, they should become a part of the brand culture to effectively convey the brand value to every prospect they talk to. I hope mevo app helps in doing what is meant to do. Sharing this app and post with my marketing and sales team.

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