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Product training: Avoid death by PowerPoint

Here’s how to add value, extend the effect and boost your product training sessions.

Live product training is great!

There’s nothing that beats the touch and feel of a physical show-and-tell session where your target audience (retailer sales staff, external teams and partners, and so on) gets to know your brand and products.

But organizing these events is time and cost-consuming. That’s why you should really make your product training count!

Some sprinkles of direct communication through a gamified app can work wonders and multiply your ROI. When you reach your training attendees directly on their personal smartphones, you have a 2-way channel for easy-access information, learning, and follow-up.

Before, during, and after the event itself!

That’s how MevoApp adds extra value to your sessions. Let us know what your current training setup looks like, and we will help you pinpoint how to boost engagement and knowledge retention by adding a powerful digital supplement.

The app is an informal channel of communication before, during, and after the sessions. Use MevoApp as a supplement to your live events and/or as a stand-alone digital product training session. Once the connection to your frontline people is established, the app is a valuable add-on to your activations throughout the year.

Something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it.

(Cambridge dictionary)
sign that says "awesome" one way and "less awesome" the other way

Stats working against you when doing traditional product training 👎

  • people generally forget 50% of a presentation within days.
  • after a week, people generally remember 10% of a 10-minute presentation.
  • the larger volume of information, the more we forget.

… how to do better 👍

  • repetition increases long-term memory by 35%.
  • active recall (testing your knowledge actively) makes you remember 50% more than by just reading or listening.
  • microlearning and spaced repetition make learning stick.

MevoApp use case: See how sports brand Salomon uses MevoApp to validate learning and get extra value at one retailer’s training session: Stand-out product training.

Examples of use

Here are some examples from MevoApp’s demo brand Dekk to illustrate how the app works as a supplement to a live training event. The following content could easily be adapted to fit a digital-only format and reach even more people:

Build-up period

Start communication before the start date.

  • Share a friendly video message to say hello and welcome.
  • Share the schedule/program for the upcoming training session.
  • Get input: Publish a short survey to get an overview of your attendees’ expectations.
  • Kickstart learning: Answer a quick quiz and earn your first points in a contest.
MevoApp screen showing welcome to product training messages and quiz

MevoApp screen showing training session schedule and learning through quiz

During training session

One platform with access to all relevant info.

  • Welcome message in the morning: We’re looking forward to seeing you.
  • Handy format schedule to keep track of the program.
  • Short quizzes immediately after presentations to repeat learning and ignite competitive spirits.

After a product training session

Stay top-of-mind when your training attendees are back on their normal busy day.

  • Refresh: Share bite-sized quizzes with small pieces of repetition and knowledge. 
  • Gamification: Drive learning and boost engagement by awarding points. 
  • Tweak it: Use surveys to get valuable feedback on your last session to keep improving your content. 
  • Track: Measure performance and get valuable statistics.
  • Award: Check the leaderboard and announce the winners. 
MevoApp screen showing scoreboard and survey post training session
MevoApp screen showing countdown to next product training session and push message on locked phone

Prep for your next IRL training session

Keep the digital connection to your frontline people.

  • Push messages: Share info about new product launches and stay in touch.
  • Info hub: Easy access mini library with key knowledge and links.
  • Sales contests: Put your new knowledge into play.
  • Countdown to your next event!

Make it last

Brands spend a lot of time and money on well-executed training events. But what’s that worth, when most attendees forget what they learned the minute they leave? 

To really make your product training sessions count, add a digital supplement to boost the effect and make it last. That’s how your brand and products will stick in people’s minds.

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