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A digital ring of the bell

Instant gratification is key when organizing a digital sales contest.

People often ask if our platform integrates with other systems and platforms. The short answer to that is “no”. Read on for an explanation as to why we want to keep it that way.

Integrated solutions sound efficient and smooth, right?

And yes – it’s efficient in the way that information will flow smoothly from one system to the next. But do you really want your efforts to smoothly disappear into a row of excel numbers?

Probably not, when you think about it: You have worked hard to achieve something, and you want to be rewarded immidiately. You want to ring that bell, toot your own horn, scream it from the top of a mountain. And you want everyone to notice. 

Ring, ding, ding!

Screen from our app.

That’s the feeling we want people to get when they use our app for a digital sales contest. When you register your sales or other activities, the gratification should be instant: One click in the app, and boom –  you get an instant celebration of your new achievement on your screen, new points in your account, and a jump on the leaderboard. 

It’s the digital equivalent of ringing the bell or running to the whiteboard to put another line next to your name. 

We have made a very conscious choice to not integrate our app with any other APIs. Simply because that complicates stuff – and honestly, it also takes some of the fun out of it. 

Not only is our solution more fun, but it’s also more effective. People perform better when they are tracking their achievements manually instead of just being picked up automatically by yet another POS system.

What gets measured, gets done. 

Think about it: 

  • When your fitness bracelet measures each step you take towards that 10.000 steps goal, you really go the extra mile (literally!) to make it happen.
  • If you track how much water you drink every day, you remember to fill your bottle.
  • If you get points for completing a quiz, you sit down and answer those questions (yes, that’s another Mevo feature). 

The list goes on. And this is what we call gamification. Self-tracking is actually a way of transforming yourself into a superhero in your own life, hunting for gold to achieve the next level. Using the same dynamics that make us want to complete (and win!) a game to succeed at other tasks in life. 

Gamify your life

Some people call this phenomenon the Quantified Self, using technology to keep track of your own achievements, your self-worth as shown through numbers and statistics. Let’s not get into an elaborate philosophical reason why this drives human performance. It just does, ok. 

And that’s why we don’t integrate our platform with any of your exciting solutions. 

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