sales contest follow-up: put your people in the spotlight

Sales contest follow-up like a pro

Make sure you maximize your ROI by ticking these boxes.

Don’t let all the preparations go to waste: The most important part of your campaign could very well be the one that starts at the finish line.

Follow our 5 point plan to make sure your sales contest reaches its ultimate potential.

5 steps to sales contest follow-up

1. Put your prizes where your mouth is

Make sure to send out prizes asap. Don’t ruin a perfectly executed sales contest by dragging your feet on this point. Keep your contestants happy, and they will be excited about your next initiative as well.

More clever prize strategies to be found here: Best practice sales contest prize strategy

2. Praise, clap and boost

A few words from you could mean a lot, probably more than you think. We all love to be praised for our work. Making your contestants feel seen is a huge part of your sales contest follow-up work.

Be generous, send out messages, post on social media, intranets or other internal or external channels. Put your frontline people in your brand’s spotlight. They deserve it!

This will both make the winners feel extra valued and motivated, and plant the seeds for the next round in others.

3. Make it relevant

If you have done your preparation work right, salespeople will now have new, super valuable knowledge that they can use in their everyday work.

Read on: 10 easy quiz ideas.

4. Get feedback to polish your work

Use the app’s survey function to get feedback from app users. What did they think of your campaign? Were the quizzes too hard, or maybe too easy? Did they get the knowledge they need? Did they feel motivated by the prizes?

This is your chance to get the feedback you need to make sure your next campaign is even better. And it’s the contestants’ chance to let you know what worked and what didn’t.

5. Start planning your next campaign

It’s easy to sit back and feel very satisfied with all your hard work (and you should!) – but don’t forget to keep momentum. Start planning your next move, taking into consideration the feedback from your app users.

Contact Mevo if you need help setting up your next campaign. Or maybe you could re-use the content you just finished using with a completely different group of people? That’s very much in line with the way we have designed our platform. It’s super easy to clone your content and start a new channel.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Need inspiration? Have a look at our guide to How to get started with sales contests.

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