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Best practice sales contest prize strategy

To make your contestants pumped and YOUR life easier.

A good prize strategy for a sales contest is one that:

  • gives as many people as possible a fair chance of winning.
  • keeps people engages throughout the entire campaign period.
  • includes prizes that everyone wants.
  • makes it easy for you to send out prizes asap, without much hassle.
  • preferably has some kind of relation to your brand and/or product.

The whole point of a sales contest is giving the contestants an extra incentive to perform. Just winning it itself is honorable enough, but let’s face it: not everyone will have a chance at reaching the top position. Should that be a reason not to compete? Of course not!

A good sales contest prize strategy means having a range of prize levels, where some are achievable for everyone.

In a Mevo sales contest the player gets points both for selling AND answering short product quizzes. We always suggest a small prize opportunity for everyone who completes the quizzes. This gives everyone an incentive to play throughout the entire campaign period, and include a wide range of people – including those who are not selling the most.

What is a good prize?

First of all: Public recognition is free to give, but oh, so valuable to receive. The MevoApp has a public scoreboard where everyone can see who’s in charge. That’s some fame and glory right there. You should also send out a message to everyone in the campaign announcing the winners.

Getting positive attention directly from a brand’s HQ is golden!

That being said, there should always be some prizes to be won in a sales contest. If you are fortunate enough that your brand’s products are something everyone wants and needs, adding them to the prize pool is a logical choice.

Many brands don’t have that luxury. Here are some of our top tips for sales contest prizes that are super-easy to administrate. Needless to say, these are all digital:

  • Discount vouchers for your brand’s own webshop.
  • Gift cards for travel.
  • Amazon gift cards or any kind of universal gift cards.
  • Cinema tickets (vouchers).
  • Personal delivery service (food, snacks, treats).

Stay on it until everyone has got their prize

How would you feel if you entered a marathon, were the fastest one and crossed the finish line as number one … and no one was there to greet you? No confetti, no medal, no cheering, no trophy? Sad, right? That’s exactly the opposite of how you want your sales contest winners to feel.

You have been dangling the prizes in front of them for weeks, while they have done their best to perform. Now, it’s time to give them what they deserve. Make sure to send out information about when and how the prizes will be distributed immediately after the contest has ended. Or even better: Just send them right away!

There are plenty of bulk vouchers/gift card deals out there. Once you have a list of winners, you simply pair their app user with their unique voucher code and send them the details they need to cash their prize.


What NOT to do (unless you want a lot of extra work)

There are also some examples of sales contest prize strategies gone wrong. Simply because they are a logistical pain in the butt. Sending out prizes should be a swift and smooth process. That’s why you want to avoid:

  • Any prizes involving sizes. Unless you have a one-size-fits-all product, stay away from clothes and sport equipment.
  • Crazy big stuff. Basically anything that will cost you a fortune to send and will be a nightmare to receive.
  • Anything that involves the winners taking time off work (unless this is cleared with the employer).
  • Anything that will end up giving the winner unexpected taxes (check your local jurisdiction).

Needless to say, taking forever to send out your sales contest prizes is also a huge faux pas. Stay classy until the last person has got their prize. That way your brand has made the best possible impression, and everyone is looking forward to your next initiative.

Example of what receiving a prize should NOT feel like.

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