The Power Of The Emoji

How gamification puts the fun back in the business game.

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It might seem like a cheap trick, but hey — if it works, why ignore it? Brands and businesses have different profiles. Some are playful and fun by nature, others are a bit more… let’s just say it: Dry and uptight. Most are somewhere in between. But no matter where on the scale of fun you place your business, everyone can make good use of elements of gamification to boost motivation among their sales teams.

Get hooked now

“Gamification” basically means making something more like a game. You know: Competing, winning, collecting points. The appeal is almost universally engaging. Just look at the range of people involved in Pokémon Go and Candy Crush. Everyone from kids to prime ministers can’t help themselves but to log in and start the hunt.

Basic psychological triggers get us hooked and keep us coming back. We want to keep collecting those points, climb that scoreboard and get those fun messages when we achieve the new level.

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When we made the Mevo app we made sure to include all this. By using elements of gamification in our quizzes and sales contests, we make learning and selling more fun. That’s why our users stay logged on. And that’s how our clients, the brands, keep their store staff and influencers motivated and engaged.

We advise all brands to loosen up when they communicate through our app. Even if they think a silly emoji makes their brand seem less serious and professional.

Let’s face it — a 💩 never hurt anyone!

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