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Want to know the winning combination to ensure your MEVO campaign is a success? Here are some hot tips from our experts to help you achieve your goals.


A key component of the Mevo strategy is friendly competition. Whether internal or external, a fun competition can increase motivation, enhance productivity and performance, and adds both accountability and validation. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to really plan and organize a truly great sales contest.

Tips from our experts:

  • Prioritize. The more important the sale of a particular product or service is, the more points it should be worth in your campaign. Example: The bartenders at your pub get 10 points for every pint of beer they sell, 25 points for every cocktail, and 50 points for every time they upsell the customer to stay and purchase a meal.
  • Incentivize. The incentive of a great prize at the finish line is a safe way to ensure motivation throughout the contest.


Customers appreciate a friendly and enthusiastic smile, however, they mostly want to feel safe about making their purchase. Motivation isn’t enough. Having a knowledgeable sales team is an essential element of increasing sales. That’s where Mevo’s Brand Academy feature comes into play.

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The quiz feature is arguably the most important feature of the app. Not only can the users test their knowledge and learn more about the products to become better salespeople, but they can also learn more about the brand. Experts say that when learning about a subject, using quizzes helps make sure the material sticks. It helps the brain practice retrieving information from our memory. Furthermore, having the material readily available to review helps keep the information fresh and accessible.

Tips from our experts:

  • Plan ahead. Create enough quizzes so that you can release at least 2-3 per week throughout the entire campaign.
  • Stay fresh. Release a new quiz every 2-3 days. Don’t just publish them all at once. Fresh content keeps the users engaged.
  • Be dynamic. Add videos, photos, and articles to quizzes to make them more compelling.
  • Stay on schedule. Our quiz feature offers the option to schedule dates and times for quiz publication. This ensures all your quizzes are published as planned with no need to log in each day.
  • Get acquainted. Creating quizzes for product knowledge is important for sales, but don’t forget to create a few “fun facts” quizzes about the brand. Teach them about the founder’s humble beginnings, or about charities or local sports teams the brand supports. Let the users get to know you intimately. This is how you create Brand Ambassadors.

Product assortment

The lifeblood of many business models is the upsell. Not only do upsells increase profit margins, but they also help you retain customers longer. The Mevo Product Assortment feature is designed for users to have product information at their fingertips so they are prepared to add value to your already-excellent products with a strategic upsell. Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Tips From Our Experts:

  • Be selective. Adding your entire inventory to the assortment list will only overwhelm your sales team. A small selection of key products helps keep the team focused.
  • Stay relevant. Make sure the products you list are relevant to the products in your campaign. This ensures a better chance of an upsell.
  • Visualize. Add photos and links to the products so the users can go directly to your website for more in-depth information regarding products and services.


Effective brand messaging is essential to any successful business. How you communicate your brand in advertising and promotional literature will either make you or break you in the eyes of both your customers as well as your employees. Our Message feature enables direct communication between the brand leaders and the sales team working on the showroom floor. This is your opportunity to inspire your staff, strengthen bonds, and create loyal brand ambassadors.

Tips From Our Experts:

  • Get personal. Tell a funny anecdote or share a personal story to inspire the team. Let your staff get to know you on a personal level. This creates a more meaningful bond between the brand and the employees.
  • Be a cheerleader. Share success stories and brag a bit when your staff reaches their goals. A little encouragement goes a long way.
  • Never forget. Schedule messages to send out on specific dates and times so you never miss a special occasion. A thoughtful message to new employees during the Grand Opening of a new location can win over hearts from the start.
  • Be pushy. Use push notifications to let users know when new content is available to view in the app. This keeps them engaged and motivated.

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