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What are micro-influencers and how do you keep them engaged in your brand?

Find your niche micro-influencers and treat them well. How? We suggest including them in your exclusive brand ambassador club.

If you find a micro-influencer that truly matches your brand, you have hit the jackpot. Product placements, endorsements etc are standard procedure. But what about including your niche influencers in an exclusive brand ambassador program

That’s a super valuable way of doing brand advocacy.

Invite micro-influencers to your branded and gamified app where you give them exclusive sneak peeks on new releases, award points for affiliate stuff, and offer a channel for direct communication to your HQ. Harvest feedback through surveys and product testing.

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What are micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are social media personalities with a relatively small following (1,000 or even fewer). That does not mean that the value for your brand is less than if you work with influencers who are packing millions of followers. On the contrary! 

Although it could be a logical assumption that more is better, sometimes small – or micro – really is the way to go. 

The reasons are many. 

Here are our top 4: 

  1. Micro-influencers are often specializing in one field or niche. The nerdier, the better. If their channel is purely focused on cosmetics, or veggie cooking, or trail running, then their followers are usually part of the same tribe. That means a possibility to really reach your target group spot on and boost your conversion rates.
If your niche is photography: go looking for passionate photography influencers.
  1. Micro-influencers are generally rated as more authentic than a-little-bit-of-everything influencers. Their opinions are trusted and they engage in real conversations with their followers.
  1. Cooperations with mega influencers are expensive. Getting your brand’s products in the hands of a micro-influencer, and in front of your key audience’s eyes, will give you a better ROI and keep your credibility intact.
  2. You ensure trustworthy brand advocacy and build solid brand ambassadors who will, if you play your cards right, be loyal fans outside of your business deals as well. 

The value of social proof

Social media influencers have quickly become a part of most brands’ communication and marketing strategies. The reason is right there in their work title – “influencers”. These are people who have accumulated a certain amount of followers. That means an audience who is interested in their lives and opinions. Naturally, getting your brand or products recommended by a trusted person is super valuable (basic social proof theory). 

Although consumers (mostly) know that the influencer gets paid (or at least free products) to say sweet things, it’s easier to trust a person you feel like you know and whose judgment you trust. 

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