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What is pre-onboarding?

Introduce new hires to your brand and culture, starting when they sign their contract. 

Did you know that as many as 33 percent of new employees quit their job within the first 90 days?

That’s terrible news, especially when you know how much it costs to recruit new talent. Hiring is a time and cost-consuming business.

The hiring process is far from over once the newly recruited person has signed their contract. In fact, this is where you have an opportunity to lay the groundwork and make your new hire your best hire. 

How? By investing some time and effort in your pre-onboarding.

Pre-onboarding done right

The good news is that most people are not spoilt rotten with great onboarding experiences. Generally, companies tend to overlook the oh-so-important time period:

New hire signs their contract, then follows weeks of silence until the first day of work.

First day: New hire shows up. There’s some confusion around the keycard, the desk situation, and so on. Then follows some in-efficient days of not really knowing what’s what. Sounds familiar? 

By adding just a few touchpoints between the signing and the first day of work, you will increase your employee retention rate exponentially. Include your new employees in your organization and introduce them to your work culture before they start. 

That’s how you set up yourself and your new talent for success. 

Connect with your new hires

Make your new employees feel welcome and prepared, and they will hit the ground running once they enter your doors on their first day. 

At Mevo, we offer a branded app where your organization can invite new hires to get an informal connection to their new team and feel included. 

The app includes a personalized timeline, helpful information (where’s the coffee?), and an introduction to the workplace’s story, people, and culture. The two-way messaging function opens for informal exchanges: Share a video of the team saying “hi”. 

It’s also a great channel for fun, bite-sized training

Remote pre-onboarding

As the number of remote jobs continues to increase, we need to look at new ways to onboard employees remotely as well. Today, it’s not uncommon that the entire recruitment process is done digitally and remotely. 

That means it’s all the more important to have a platform to connect, share values and information, and build company culture. Feeling included in a community and getting that important sense of belonging can be challenging when you remove the daily physical presence at a workplace. 

Digital meeting places are essential to keep a sense of community and create those “watercooler” situations that the home office does not have. 

In an informal company app, new hires and existing team members can take part in fun quizzes and challenges.

👉 The MevoApp is also used for onboarding external sales partners. In this blog post, you’ll find more great content ideas to boost your digital pre-onboarding.

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