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How to succeed with just 10 minutes a week

Together we will make it happen!

Brief weekly follow-ups give you unique live insight into your campaigns.

At Mevo, we constantly keep an eye on how our clients use our sales tool. Across a large variation of industries and target groups, some common success factors stand out as keys to lifting results from good to great. 

Close follow-up work is one of them. It requires minimal effort on your end but can make a world of difference. That’s why we not only encourage you to stay active as a Mevo admin, we will actually stay close and personally coach you through the campaign period. Our goal is to make your brief follow-up your best spent minutes of the week.

Because what really successful campaigns have in common, is that the administrator keeps a light hand on things all the way to the finish line.

Case story: How Samsung stays close and personal to maximize their ROI.

We’ll find the time

Now, we know that it can be hard to block out that time in your busy calendar. That’s why we have made it super easy: A customer success manager will invite you to a weekly 10-minute mini-meeting during your campaign period. 

Together, we will make sure these are the most effective 10 minutes of your whole week (Mevo wise, at least). And we guarantee it will make all the difference on your end result. 

After all, staying close and personal is one of our top 5 tips for succeeding in sales contests.

Make the most of your insight

A little attention goes a long way.

One of the great features of our sales platform is the fact that you can monitor your results in real-time. You will get the most out of that insight by checking in with your Mevo customer success manager once a week.

We know exactly what to look for, and together we can pinpoint possible pain points and bottlenecks – and solve them on the spot! 

Your weekly mini video meeting will start with a super brief “hello”, and then go straight to business and getting things done:

  • We’ll scan the statistics together, look for possible pain points and solve them on the spot.
  • Check the messages inbox, answer questions (if any).
  • Send out a short cheer, a 💪 and a 🎉 .

This might not look like important work, but trust me, it will have a huge impact. 

A Mevo campaign is a fun and dynamic experience, and it’s even more fun to be the organizer when you’re taking part yourself. 

Include your teams in our follow-ups!

Sometimes it can be useful to include more people from your brand in these mini-meetings as well. Maybe your internal sales reps need more insight into the campaign or want a brief summary of what’s going on? Bring them along!

Following our lead, you yourself will become a true Mevo admin panel wizard and gain even more confidence in playing with the platform and its different uses. 

Of course, you can always tell us to back off and mind our own business. But our recommendation will always be to go through with our very swift, but oh-so-effective mini coaching sessions. The devil’s in the details!
We offer this service not only because we love to talk to our awesome customers (although that is a great bonus), but also because we love to help you maximize your success.

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