Why You Want Your Store Staff To Use Their Phones

Yes, even at the workplace. And no, not only on their break.

Closeup of hands on a smart phone at work.
Gilles Lambert on Unsplash

Mevo’s primary tool is the smartphone. This is where most people, not just salespeople, live their lives. As sad as that might sound, it’s (almost) true. If we don’t live there, we sure as h*** spend a lot of our time there. Research shows that the average person checks his phone 150 times a day.

Everyone can agree that’s alarming in many ways.

Let’s be clear on one very important point: We don’t condone rude, antisocial phone behavior. We’ve all been to family dinners and other social gatherings where the presence of phones is too dominant. That being said, we strongly believe in the smartphone as a powerful tool. It’s called a smartphone after all. Use it it smartly.

We believe this is easily regulated by good company culture — and of course normal human decency.

A tool for everything

The phone is a natural part of most people’s everyday life, at work and at home. For entertainment, sure, but also for executing practical tasks.

And it can be a very powerful tool that’s essential to good customer service.

Yes, the store staff can waste time on cute cats and pointless swiping. But they can also use their phones to do inventory count. They might use it to check a fact about a product online. To answer customer questions about what’s in stock in other stores, without having to move to the register. Even access personalized information about the shoppers, if they have agreed to it.

Or indeed use the Mevo app to learn more about a brand in one of our quizzes, register sales and receive messages about product launches. This doesn’t make them unattentive service workers — in fact, quite the opposite: They will be pumped up on exciting info about brands they are selling, ready to pass that knowledge on to shoppers.

Good phone culture is good company Culture

There’s no harm in store staff having phones or using phones at work. As long as they always have the customer as their #1.

Again, it boils down to good company culture. It’s not very hard. As a customer you should feel welcome and seen by the store staff. If they are on their phone when you enter, the phone should be put away and you should be greeted with a friendly hello and a heartfelt enthusiasm about the products they sell.

When you think about it, doesn’t that make you feel even more special?

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