Mevo Security White Paper

Each user and team using MevoApp expects their data to be secure and highly
confidential. We understand the importance of keeping our users' data private and do our
very best to make sure this is the case at all times. For more information about our
policies, please visit

Software Security
MevoApp uses Amazon AWS for processing and storage, and thus inherits their state of
the art services and GDPR compliant security levels. AWS’s infrastructure is physically
located in Frankfurt, Europe (AWS eu-central-1).

System & Hosting Security
All MevoApp infrastructure components are highly secure. Sensitive elements are not
accessible from the outside and all of them are protected with a firewall. It also features
key-based SSH login and extensive monitoring features.

Only two MevoApp employees have direct access to the hosting machines and their logins
are secured using two-factor authentication. The hosting system is kept up to date
perpetually and monitored against intrusion.
MevoApp’s solution is highly available. Our services are reachable in 24/7/365 format. All
data is backed up constantly.

All MevoApp user connections are encrypted using HTTPS using state of the art ECC keys.
Its configuration supports current security features such as PFS and SHA256 digests. Its
Qualys SSL Rating is "A"